The all new, all weather utility flag insertion tool

Flag Thumper The Flag Thumper is the new and improved marker flag insertion tool designed to save time, enhance productivity, and reduce physical strain on your body. The Flag Thumper allows you to insert flags into hard packed and frozen ground and is approximately 40% faster than manual insertion. What's more, it eliminates the need to bend or squat with every flag insertion. Save time, save strain and order yours today!


  • Easy to Operate.
  • Light weight (approx.  4 lbs)
  • All metal construction with comfortable rubber hand grips.
  • Long lasting and durable for heavy duty use
  • Inserts flags approximately 5 inches into ground
  • Utilizes standard, store bought marker flags .
  • Simple to operate and maintain.
  • Models available for all flag sizes.
  • Paint wand is an optional feature.
  • Flag holders hold about 50 flags and is standard.
  • Works on all ground types including:

  • Lawns and softer ground.
  • Hard packed or frozen ground.

    The all weather marker flag Insertion tool with optional removable paint wand.

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    The Flag Thumper Flag Insertion Tool is Patent Pending.

    The Ultimate Marker Flag Insertion tool by Longhorn Design Group LLC

    Flag Thumper